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11 years in the business & photographing wedding details is still my favorite part of the day! I will discuss the formula I use to style my couples’ details, the light I look for, which lenses I select, my favorite aperture, secret items I bring to help me while on location and tons more! If you are thinking of getting published, details are the first thing editors look at so step your game up with me in my tell all lecture!

The Key to Capturing Beautifully Styled Wedding Details

I don’t know about you but something about soft, dreamy, joy filled images make my heart happy! Learn how I achieve the light and airy look in camera by simply adjusting your in camera settings and learning to use your available natural light in overcast or harsh sun environments.


I often get asked what the secret sauce is to having so many of my weddings published. If you yearn for images that are worthy of being recognized OR you just need to update your portfolio with tons of pretty, this class is for you! Come hang with me and let’s shoot pretty things in pretty places with pretty people and let me teach you how I capture images that stand out and get recognized and define my style!


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Sharing my knowledge with other creatives brings me utter joy!  I love blending my teaching experience with my journey in growing a thriving photography business, in order to help point people in the right professional path and build the brand of their dreams.  I would be honored to speak at your upcoming event, conference, or workshop.

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""Kiamarie's awesome class at Shutterfest was probably the most real class I've attended!  I not only learned a bunch about my images, but witnessed how passionate she is.  Kiamarie is already top of my list for classes next year.""


""Kiamarie is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met.  I enjoyed her classes so much!""


""Kiamarie was amazing - probably my favorite class I went to at Shutterfest because she took the pressure off of us for not being perfect and focused on getting the shot and having a consistent system.""


""Kiamarie's Smash the Flash class was excellent!  She was informative, patient, and inspiring.""


""I had the honor of taking two classes with Kiamarie at Shutterfest, and those two classes alone were worth the entire trip to St. Louis""

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Award winning and internationally published NJ wedding photographer Kiamarie Lambert captures bright, romantic, joy filled weddings on film and digital cameras. A true believer in community over competition and mastering your craft, Kiamarie’s weddings have been featured on some of the most popular online wedding blogs and in print all throughout the world. Catching the eye of Nikon in 2017, she has been featured on their social media accounts, named one of their top 100 photographers in 2018 and has been asked to join their team of speakers at major photography conferences across the country like WPPI, Photo Plus Expo, B&H and CES. She also hosts her own sold out “Darling Workshops” all over the US and is an instructor at yearly photography conferences.

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